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UIS Commissions and Working Groups PDF Print E-mail

Commissions and Working Groups are where UIS's actual speleological work is done. Anyone who wants to contribute is encouraged to collaborate in the work of a commission under the co-ordination of its president. Please contact the respective president directly. Their contact details are linked to the person's name.

Commission Presidents who have web pages describing their own Commission are encouraged to email the Website Manager to have their information linked to this document. Alternatively, they can send files in plain ASCII or HTML format by email or CD-ROM for local loading at this site.



Department of Karst and Cave Protection.

Département Protection du Karst et des Grottes.

President: Jean-Pierre BARTHOLEYNS, Belgium.

Scientific Committee.
Comité scientifique.

Jay ANDERSON, Australia.
Giovanni BADINO, Italy.
José Maria CALAFORA, Spain.
Arrigo CIGNA, Italy.
André DAVID, France.
Andy SPATE, Australia.
George VENI, USA.
Camille EK, Belgium.


Department of Research

Département de la recherche scientifique

Archeology and Paleontology in Caves Commission.
Commission pour l'archéologie et la paléontologie dans les grottes.

Web: http://tinyurl.com/UIS-CAP/

Presidents: Natalie UOMINI, UK and Donald McFARLANE, USA.

Artificial Cavities Commission.

Web: http://www.artificialcavities.wordpress.com/

President: Mario PARISE, Italy.

Vice President: Joep ORBONS, Netherlands.

Secretary: Carla GALEAZZI, Italy.


Ordinary members:

Roberto BIXIO, Italy.

Martin DIXON, Great Britain.

Hakan EGILMEZ, Turkey.

Jean Francois GARNIER, France.

Jérôme TRIOLET, France.

Laurent TRIOLET, France.

Luc STEVENS, Belgium.

Biology Commission.

President: John HOLSINGER, USA.

Vice President: Jill YAGER, USA.

Secretary: Oana MOLDOVAN, Romania.

Cave Mineralogy Commission.
Commission pour la minéralogie dans les grottes.

Web: mineralogy-commission

President: Bogdan ONAC, USA/Romania.

Working Group: Speleothem Protection and Conservation.
Chairman: Vacant.

Working Group: Bibliography.
Chairman: Katalin Takacsne BOLNER, Hungary.

Working Group: Minerals Ontogeny.
Chairman: Charlie SELF, UK.

Speleothem Repository/Library.
Custodian: Paolo FORTI, Italy.

, Firn and Ice Caves Commission.

Web: http://geomatic.disat.unimib.it/home/valter/icecave/index.html

President: Valter MAGGI, Italy.

Vice President and Chairman of Ice Caves Working Group: Aurel PERSOIU, Romania.

Vice President and Chairman of Glacier Caves Working Group: Bulat MAVLYUDOV, Russia.

Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis Commission.

Commission pour l'hydrogéologie du karst et spéléogenie.

Web: http://www.speleogenesis.info/

President: Alexander KLIMCHOUK, Ukraine.

Vice-President: Jo de WAELE, Italy.

Vice-President: Philippe AUDRA, France.

Microbiology and Geomicrobiology Commission.
Commission de Microbiologie et de Géomicrobiologie.

President: Hazel A. BARTON, USA.

Vice-President: Hongmei WANG, China.

Secretary: Kathleen H. Lavoie, USA

Paleo-karst and Speleochronology Commission.
Commission du paléokarst et de la spéléochronologie.

President: Stein-Erik LAURITZEN, Norway.

Physical Chemistry and Hydrogeology of Karst Commission.
Commission de la physico-chimie et de l'hydrogéologie du karst.

Web: http://www.dhlbg.com/uisws/

President: Yavor SHOPOV, Bulgaria.

"Pseudokarst" Commission.

Commission du "Pseudokarst".

Web: http://www.pseudokarst.de.vu/

President: Jan URBAN, Poland.

Vice-President: Rudolf PAVUZA, Austria.

Secretary: Lúdovít GAÁL, Slovakia.

1. Honorary President: Jiří KOPECKÝ, Czech Republic.

2. Honorary President: István ESZTERHÁS, Hungary.


Speleotherapy Commission.

Commission de spéléothérapie.

Web: http://www.speleotherapycommission.webgarden.com/

Honorary President: Svetozar DLUHOLUCKY, Slovakia.

President: Iuri SIMIONCA, Romania.

Vice President: Jaroslav CHONKA, Ukraine.

Vice President: Pavel SLAVÍK, Czech Republic.

Responsible Secretary: Ovidiu MERA, Romania.
Principal Advisor Responsible Secretary: Vanja DEBEVEC, Slovenia.
Advisor Secretary: Constantin MUNTEANU, Romania.
Advisor Secretary: Magdalena KOSTRZON, Poland.

Speleotherapy Repository/Library:
Responsible: Vladimir SVOZIL, Czech Republic.
Custodian: Oldrich NAVRÁTIL, Czech Republic.

Bibliography and Website: Mihail HOTETEU, Romania.
Biblography advisor: Marta HAISAK, Ukraine.

Working Group: Speleotherapy in salt mines and salt chambers.
Chairman: Jaroslav CHONKA, Ukraine.
Members: Iuri SIMIONCA, Romania.
Ovidiu MERA, Romania.
Advisors Members: Nicholae GRUDNICKI, Romania; Ioan IETCU, Romania; Claudia BILHA, Romania; Jakub CERVINSKI, Poland; Krzysztof CZARNOBILSKI, Poland.

Working Subgroup: Halotherapy (speleotherapy in artificial salt chambers)
Advisors Members: Pavel P. GORBENKO, Russia; Ivan S. LEMKO, Ukraine.

Working Group: Speleotherapy in carst and other caves.
Chairman: Pavel SLAVÍK, Czech Republic.
Members: Svetozar DLUHOLUCKY, Slovakia
Vladimir SVOZIL, Czech Republic

Working Group: Assessment of potentially curative underground environment in caves, mines and other artificial spaces; measurement techniques.
Chairman: Iuri SIMIONCA, Romania.
Members: Rudolf PAVUZA, Austria.
Peter JOVANOVIČ, Slovenia.
Liviu ENACHE, Romania
Advisor Member: Marian Romeo CALIN, Romania.

Volcanic Caves Commission.
Commission des grottes volcaniques.

Web: http://www.vulcanospeleology.org/

President: Jan Paul van der PAS, Netherlands.

Vice-President: Harry MARINAKIS, USA.

Department of Documentation

Département de la documentation

Arts and Letters Commission.

President: Ian CHANDLER, Spain.

Secretary: Lois MANNO, USA.

Treasurer: Asa LINNMAN, Sweden.

Bibliography Commission.

Commission de bibliographie.

Web: http://www.ssslib.ch/bbs/

President: Patrick DERIAZ, Switzerland.

History of Speleology Commission.
Commission pour l'histoire de la spéléologie.

President: Bernard CHIROL, France.

Vice-President: Friedhart KNOLLE, Germany.

Informatics Commission.
Commission pour l'informatique.

Web: http://www.uisic.uis-speleo.org/

President: Peter MATTHEWS, Australia.

Working Group: Caver's Multi-Lingual Dictionary.
Groupe de travail: Dictionnaire polyglotte du spéléologue
Chairman: Mladen GARAŠIČ, Croatia.

Working Group: Cave Data Exchange Standards.
Groupe de travail: Présentation des données spéléologiques informatisées.
Chairman: Peter MATTHEWS, Australia.

Working Group: Survey and Mapping.
Groupe de travail: Topographie.
Chairman: Philipp HÄUSELMANN, Switzerland.

Working Group: Publications Exchange.
Chairman: Trevor FAULKNER, UK.

Working Group: Caves of the World Database.
Interim contacts: Frédéric DELEGUE, France.
Interim contacts: Fadi NADER, Lebanon.

Long, Deep and Large Caves Commission.
Commission des grandes cavités.

Coordinator: Pat KAMBESIS, USA.

Coordinator: Andy EAVIS, UK.

Department of Exploration

Département de l'exploration

Cave Diving Commission.
Commission de la plongée souterraine.

Web: http://cdcuis.wordpress.com/

President: Maxime de GIANPIETRO, Switzerland.

Vice-President: Manuel PINTO SOARES, Portugal.

Vice-President: Philippe BRUNET, France.

Secretary: Arjan van WAARDENBURG, Netherland.

Cave Rescue Commission.
Commission de spéléo-secours.

Web: http://sten.comxa.com/

President: Christian DODELIN, France.

Materials and Techniques Commission.
Commission de matériel et techniques.

President: Vacant.

Department of Education and Teaching

Département de l'Enseignement spéléologique

President: Marcel MEYSSONNIER, France.

Speleological Education Commission
Commission de l'enseignement spéléologique.

President: Marcel MEYSSONNIER, France.


Advisory Committee

Comité Consultatif

Members (alphabetic order):

Andrew EAVIS (United Kingdom)

Pavel BOSÁK, Czech Republic.

Arrigo CIGNA, Italy.

Julia JAMES, Australia.

Friedrich OEDL, Austria.

Paul W. WILLIAMS (New Zealand)


International Journal of Speleology

Web: http://scholarcommons.usf.edu/ijs/

UIS Representative: Jo De WAELE, Italy.


Internet Team

Équipe Internet

Website Manager: Jasmina RIJAVEC, Slovenia.

Addresses Manager (People and Organisations): Emerson Gomes PEDRO, Brazil.

Calendar Editor: Ken REDEKER, USA.

Technical Manager: Charles GOLDSMITH, USA.

Site Host: Stefan NÄFF, Switzerland.

DNS Manager: Stefan NÄFF, Switzerland.

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